Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting some good deals!

I have very limited resources where I live, so I usually shop online, but yesterday I needed some instant gratification.  So I set out to find a couple of can't wait for spring to finally arrive pieces.  My first stop was a little  local boutique that I love, Studio Opal.  It has a nice indie/anthropologie vibe which is right up my alley with a nice mix of price points from high end to low end.  I picked up this cute lounge around sweatshirt by Vintage Havana, its got this tshirt/sweater with open back vibe that is casual chic.  This is going to be the perfect layering piece for a cute summer skirt of maxi dress.

After my purchase, I headed to Macy's to see what they had....most preferably on sale.  I did score big.  I bought this red Charter Club trench coat, originally $119.00 for $35.00!  Yes! $35.00.  What a score because today it is raining and this jacket was perfect for today.  
Now, I feel just a bit better and can enjoy this rainy, spring is on its way day.

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